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Business Strategy and Personal Analysis

To start toward any goal you have to know where you are and what you need in order to hit that goal. Successful people work with trusted, financial professionals to help them quickly get there.

We will have an initial complementary consultation of what your goals are. These might be to start a business, secure business credit or to break through the growth ceiling. Some businesses need help getting their financial plan in order to present to bankers and investors. With 30 years of working with owners and companies I will help you overcome these obstacles.

After we determine I can help you I'll provide you with a confifidentiality agreement before we get started. One of the first areas we will ensure is that your personal financial situation is in known. This means having your personal credit and your personal financial statements in order and understanding what issues might arise. Not having this foundation in place will create issues that can hurt and delay the future of your business.

The areas we will assess and analyze are:

  • Your personal credit and score

  • Your personal financial statement and debt-to-income ratio

  • Your monthly/annual budget

You will get a written assessment and improvement strategy of your credit report. You will have a complete personal financial statement in excel that you can update regularly. You will receive your household budge in excel that you can monitor and track as your financial situation changes over time.

You'll get an outline of your strategic business goals and the recommendations, solutions and timelines to assist you in making that a reality. 

Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis

Understanding the Numbers

Understanding what is driving the numbers is critical. It can be very challenging to run the day to day operations of the business and stay on top of the numbers. That's where I come in to help. With decades of experience in analyzing financial statements, ratios, cash flow and projections across numerous industries I bring the expertise and take the stress off of you to help take your business to the next level.

I'll spread your financials, help you understand your ratios, help you find internal cash flow, assist with the financial projection and help you determine and manage your debt service coverage ratio. I'll work with you to identify areas where you can make adjustments to free up cash flow and, when ready, help you secure a bank and credit relationship that fits your strategic needs.  

My 30-year commercial banking experience and my real-world application working with hundreds of companies will help your team break through the ceiling to meet your growth goals by finding the correct capital and structure that meets your strategic needs we identify.

Strategic Planning and Goals

Grow Your Business

Strategic planning and execution...its what I do. I take the time to fully understand your business and your strategic goals and what motivates you as it's leader and visionary. There are fundamental components of each business and each one is unique.

It's great to know where you are in the numbers but they only tell part of the story. The more exciting part is incorporating your strategy into the numbers to forecast projections and execution to hit those growth. That's the fun part!

I work with you and your team to develop the strategic short and long term goals that align with your vision and mission for the business. Those goals are written and monitored regularly to ensure they are met or corrected if needed.


Body of Work


Personal Financial Assessment


Business Financial Assessment and Analysis


Strategic Growth

  • Credit report assessment and improvement strategy. Goals met including qualfying to purchase a house

  • Construction of personal financial statement

  • Debt to income ratio analysis

  • Personal/household budget

  • Strategy to build or repair credit

  • Teen/young adult 1:1 financial training with credit assessment and budgeting

  • Includes the Personal Financial Assessment.

  • Financial Statement Spreads and Analysis

  • Ratio Analysis

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Cash Flow Timing to determine borrowing need

  • Debt Analysis

  • Goals Review

  • Strategy development

  • Business Plan Financial Modeling & Forecasting

  • Budget Planning

  • Accounting system sourcing, implementation & Reporting

  • Capital Acquisition, including debt financing

  • Turnarounds and restructuring

  • Exit Strategy Planning and Execution

  • Agency Work - Banking, Credit, Treasury, Liquidity


About Me

I Love Helping Businesses Succeed!

The reward for what I do is giving my clients peace of mind in getting the capital they need and knowing their financial footings are healthy!

With over 25 years as a financial executive I have successfully worked with hundreds of companies and leaders assessing their financial position, providing guidance to improve the numbers and executing strategies to achieve obtain the immediate and long-term financing required. 

I have worked in commercial banking throughout my career which has allowed me to understand the challenges businesses face. I use this experience to help my clients avoid problems before they occur and to prepare to take advantage of opportunities.

I obtained my B.S.B.A Degree in Financial Management from the University of Arkansas. I live in Bixby with my wife, Patricia. We have 7 children and 4 grandchildren. I run, cycle and serve others. 

My first love is Jesus Christ and my abiding relationship is what drives me to help my clients achieve their God-given purpose in their companies.


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