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Helping you eliminate your financial stress!

How can financial coaching  change  your life?

Find your direction and hope
  • Your identity is not in your past financial decisions.

  • No problem is too big or too small

You will have a plan
  • A vision without a plan is a dream

  • You can have a winning strategy to ensure you crush your goals.

Unlock your power
  • There is no one else like you.

  • Your strength and power will be unleashed as you track toward your goals. 

No more financial stress
  • You will get to a place where your finances won't be stressful.

  • You will be prepared and create Legacy!


I'm Rudy Upshaw, and I help people solve their financial problems.

The reward for what I do is giving my clients peace of mind. by helping them relieve the stress at home and in their business.

With over 25 years as a successful financial coach and commercial banker, I have successfully worked with thousands of people to; 1. understand their situation without judgement, 2. provide them information and options, and 3. inject hope into their future. Where you are now isn't where you have to end up. 

I have worked in commercial banking throughout my career which has allowed me to understand the stress of financial challenges people and businesses face. I use my experience in finance to give my clients an inside advantage to help them overcome where they are. I help them put a plan in place to immediately change their life's direction and legacy.

I obtained my B.S.B.A Degree in Financial Management from the University of Arkansas. I live in Bixby, OK with my wife, Patricia. We have 7 children and 5 grandchildren. I run, cycle and am honored to serve others at church and in the community.

My first love is Jesus Christ and my abiding relationship with Him is what drives me to help my clients achieve their God-given purpose in their lives.

I look forward to getting to know you and how I can help you achieve your Financial Success!


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  • Individual and Couple Financial Coaching
  • Business Financial Coaching
  • Credit Review and Analysis
  • Budget Analysis and Strategy
  • Debt Elimination Strategy
  • Cash Flow Projection and Financial Analysis
  • Comprehensive Wealth Building Strategy
  • ...and so much more!