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Churches! Build, Buy and Refinance....NOW IS THE TIME!

Church Loans? There are so many considerations that go into whether a church should pursue going into debt...# of giving units, church history and future strategy, leadership longevity, succession planning, etc. Having good lay leadership and external advisors and banker to help navigate the considerations is critical to hearing from the Lord and preparing for the leading he puts on the Church body.

That being said, now is an amazing time to pray about the direction God wants for your church building! Last week, the Federal Reserve announced that interest rate would remain near zero through 2022. What this means is that the interest rates banks pay the Fed for funds won't change and therefore the rates to borrowers won't change for about 2 years.

Not all banks are created equal when it comes to church loans. No bank ever wants to have to be in a position to foreclose on a church body or have a church default on any loan let alone a building. So, knowing what banks work well with churches is very important. My suggestion is to be direct and ask them if they like and want them.

Given that rates are the lowest they've been in 5 years, it is a great time to refinance your church loan. And, if you can find a bank that is able to lock the interest rate for 10-15 years or set up a 20 year amortization that would be fabulous!

If you'd like to explore options for your church financing needs I would be honored to share with you my experience and what I am seeing in today's environment. It is a great opportunity to develop a strong strategy with the Lord's leading. Let’s set time to meet by phone or zoom so I can get you pointed in the right direction: (918) 970-0790



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