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Fear - Why I Do What I Do

Updated: Mar 23

Fear. Let’s face it, it sucks, and everyone gets it from time to time. No one is immune to its lure and lie. If you have been a business leader for any length of time you have faced it. It feels just like this picture above. (I'm not afraid of heights but being in this guys shoes makes me nauseous!)

The fear that your business is going to fail. The fear that you won’t be able to support yourself or your family. The fear that you will embarrass your spouse, your family, your community. The fear that you won’t be able to support your employees and the families you provide for. The fear that you are failure.

I, like you, have experienced seasons of fear during many seasons over my nearly 30-year career. Many of my clients have faced very tough seasons in which fear was a constant battle for them. Over time, with the tools I have developed, I have been able to have fewer seasons facing the lie of fear and have worked with my clients to help them overcome their challenges and win the battle over their fears.

I believe God has blessed me with the unique ability to work with my clients to help them overcome their fears. I do this by walking with them as a trusted advisor, identifying the core issues and implementing a proven process to ensure those issues are resolved and dealt with effectively.

It is critical to know that fear is a lie and at its root is an emotion or feeling about a situation. The fears we get when things are challenging in our business start can occur when we don’t have enough information or resources to help us process the situation or concern. This fear can develop into being overwhelmed, ineffective and debilitated in making good decisions for the clients, company and employees.

These situations and issues occur regularly, sometimes daily, and can be complex and drawn out over several operating cycles. I have worked with clients that haven’t addressed these issues internally because either they experienced a season of success or they didn’t want to “upset the apple cart”. I get it and have been in similar situations over my career. Not speaking up in truth and love negates the role of a leader let alone.

I have found the most effective way to overcome those fears and to develop a strategy to ensure that fear is reduced or eliminated is to have an ongoing relationship with a trusted business advisor or coach. I can’t tell you how critical this is to your success as a leader or business owner! As a career commercial banker and business advisor, I have regular planned strategic meetings with my clients to address their current progress and prepare for upcoming initiatives. Because of our relationship and my experience, we can address issues that might develop so their fear is greatly minimized if not eliminated.

Regardless of your income, company size or history in business having a business advisor or coach is critical to overcoming your fears. There are different types of advisors with different levels of engagement and I would be glad to help you with the vetting process to find a good fit. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or text at (918) 970-0790.


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