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I Guess You Really Don't Want My Business....

Okay, I know we are somewhere at the tail end of coming out of the Covid19 quarantine mentality where people have become somewhat accustomed to not being around other people. However, when an email that you are sending out doesn’t have an email signature with some basic contact information what you may be communicating is that you really don’t want to engage with them. And, if you are in sales or managing client relationships, you may be screaming that you really want it to be as difficult as possible for them to buy your product or services! Seriously!

Our emails get forwarded and passed around especially to potential new clients and a sales professional should want to make it as easy as possible for a client/prospect or business connection to reach them. By removing barriers to communication, you are adding value to the recipient which will result in a stronger relationship and will create opportunity for increased revenues.

The email signature can be overlooked because it is an automatic setting. I would encourage everyone to not be lazy and let the tech manage the process. Be proactive and review your email signature/s regularly to make sure they are updated with the most efficient ways for you and them to connect with you.

Here are some tips basic tips I’ve found to ensure you are telling other that you truly do want to engage with them through your email signature/s:

1. USE EMAIL SIGNATURE ON EVERY EMAIL! – I know it might be several lines, but the point is to make it as efficient as possible for them AND you for them to communicate in the most efficient ways. This is especially important if you are mobile! This includes at minimum Name, Phone, and Email. Other means in your signature might include address, mobile, fax, website, social media, etc. Again, the point is to remove communications barriers for your clients/connections. You don’t want any recipient to have to hunt through their CRM, social media, written notes, etc., to have to find your phone number to communication with to you! My work email signature looks like this as an example:

2. SET UP MULTIPLE SIGNATURES – You can have different email signatures set up for different purposes and different emails. For my work, I may have my loan assistant or other team members included in different signatures if I need to make sure my recipient needs their contact info. These signatures would be used on a fairly regular basis and gives the recipient an efficient way to get what they need. When sending the email, your email service allows you to quickly select the signature you want to use. It’s simple!

3. USE A STANDARDIZED EMAIL SIGNATURE – If you have many people in your organization, establish a standard email branding structure you want your team to use. This creates a standard look and feel that every recipient can recognize as coming from your organization and helps with branding your company. You may have some team members that need a little customization for their role, etc., but try to have a fairly standardized look. This may be in colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

4. SET A STANDARDIZED EMAIL SIGNATURE ONEVERY DEVICE YOU USE - To stay productive, we use multiple devices for sending and receiving emails...PCs, phone, laptops, etc. Each device needs an email signature setup. You don't want to miss that amazing sales opportunity because you didn't have a phone number for them to call you!

5. CONSIDER ADDING A CALENDAR SCHEDULER LINK – The point of the email signature is to expedite communication, so you and your recipient get what they want/need as quickly as possible. Depending on the person I am emailing, I may include a prefilled signature that includes my calendar scheduler so they can immediately see my calendar and choose a time for us to meet by phone, online or in-person that fits their schedule. Speed to service and cool is that!

I use for my auto scheduler. Check it out here-->

There are several considerations when putting together an email signature. As a 30-year financial professional and commercial banker, part of my role is to remove the barriers my clients face by giving them the most efficient access to me and their financial information. As their trusted financial advisor speed to service this level of service is expected in our relationship. If you would like to visit on my tips or suggestions and what has worked for me, I'd love to connect! (918) 970-0790



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