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Want a Healthy, Thriving Business?Expect an Active, Healthy Relationship with Your Banker!

Business leaders ask me regularly, "What can I do to help my business?" I know this seems like a simple question but there are so many answers depending on the strategic goals of the business. You have all the external forces such as competition, industry trends, let alone the uncontrollables such as the economy and a pandemic that began across the globe! What is initially a simple question can turn into a complicated discussion with many components and variables!

A business is a living and breathing thing. It needs many partners to help keep it active, thriving and to keep the systems working. One of those critical partners is your commercial banker. Your business needs access to capital and liquidity to operate and grow. Your commercial banker provides the information and assistance for these life-giving resource for your business.

Not all commercial bankers or banks are created equal and their motivations can be quite different. Determining who is your banker is as equally as important as determining your attorney and CPA for the health of your business.

What should your relationship with your commercial banker look like?

  1. Your banker should know you. It is impossible for there to be a healthy relationship unless your banker wants to know you, your business and what your strategic goals are. Do they get it?

  2. Your banker should want to serve you. Yes, their job is to earn revenue for their employer bank by serving you and the goals of your business. Do they want it?

  3. Your banker should have the capacity to manage your relationship. They may get it and want it but if they do not have the capacity to be effective there will be struggles. Regularly ask this question as your business strategies may be over multiples operating cycles.

  4. Your banker should be honest and transparent. Your banking relationship should be 100% honest and transparent both ways. Demand this from your banker and from yourself.

  5. Your banker should meet with you regularly. Scheduled strategic planning meetings should happen at the very least once a year and more regularly depending on your growth needs from the previous meeting. This gives you both an opportunity to review what is working, what’s not and how to prepare for your growth.

  6. Your banker should add value to your business. Your banker should share industry info, your financial and cash flow analysis, concerns that bank might have about the business, etc. The relationship should be based on the value you get.

Your relationship with your banker is a critical component to the health and success of your business. If you have some questions about your relationship, I’d love to connect with you to learn more about where you are and give you some thoughts on how your relationship can be healthy and strong! Let’s Do This!

Please call or text me at (918) 970-0790 or better yet, let's be proactive and intentional and set a time that works for your schedule: Let's Meet!



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